Shi Dinghuan, president of WGDO Meets Vice Mayor of Stavanger

2019-09-24 16:02:07 来源:
On September 24th in the afternoon local time in Norway, guests from China who attend Green Smart City and Sustainable Development Forum meet government of Stavanger. Shi Dinghuan, president of WGDO, Gao Peng and Senior Business Officer in China Embassy of Stavanger hold friendly discussion with Ms. BJØRG TUDDAL MOE, Vice Mayor of Stavanger and Ms. ANNE WOIE, head of the Ministry of Economic Development. 

Shi Dinghuan, president of WGDO gives a present to Ms. BJØRG TUDDAL MOE, Vice Mayor of Stavanger.

Ms. BJØRG TUDDAL MOE, Vice Mayor of Stavanger returns a present to ShiDinghuan, president of WGDO.

Ms. BJØRG TUDDAL MOE gives a warm welcome to guests from China and congratulates them on the success of Fourth Norway-China Green Smart City and Sustainable Development Forum. Ms. BJØRG TUDDAL MOE indicates that, as a main part of Nordic Edge EXPO, Norway-China Green Smart City and Sustainable Development Forum grows into greater influence and more professional with more influential guests. Especially this year, the forum attracts many experts in the field of Smart City from Nordic Edge EXPO.

Shi Dinghuan, president of WGDO appreciates the support from Stavanger and invites the government of Stavanger to visit China at their convenience. At the same time, they deeply discuss about the promotion of Business Cooperation.

World Green Design Organization (WGDO) was founded in Brussels, Belgium, in September 2013. It was the first non-profit international organization founded to promote the development of green design throughout the world. 

WGDO is aimed to advocate and broadcast the idea of “green design” on a global scale. By means of green design, it leads the change of mode of production, consumption and life, as well as the transformation of consumption patterns in order to implement the integration and and mutualism between human and nature. WGDO promotes the communication and cooperation of information, technology, materials, projects, capital and talents by running various forms of activities, such as the World Green Design Forums in China, the European forums, the World Green Design Expos and the elections of Green Design International Contribution Award. WGDO also releases the World Green Design Reports. 


WGDO consists of the executive committee, the council, and the general assembly, members of which are spread out in almost 30 countries. By far, the organization has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Yangzhou, Hong Kong, Brussels, London, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin and Frankfurt. It has set 17 professional committees and 7 special committees.


For the past eight years, through forums, exhibitions, commendations and awards, WGDO has awarded leading enterprises such as Siemens, Haier, P&G and Vanke among others for their accomplishments towards transformation into green design. WGDO has set working relationships with the Europeans Union Commission, the European Parliament, the United Nations Environment Programme, the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Intentional Organization for Standardization among others.